Author: Alen

First official DLC! What is the secret of Aethera?

We’ve completed tests on first DLC upgrade and released both “Secrets of Aethera” and regular, content update. Work will continue as plans for bigger upgrades are pretty tight this year. But first, it is time to monitor players reactions and be prepared to jump on any discovered bug or technical problem… Meanwhile, we really hope […]

Starpoint Gemini

Starpoint Gemini is an RPG tactical sim focused on the control and strengths of individual vessels. In SPG ship captains and their skills make the greatest difference in large-scale battles. The games is set in a science-fiction universe where various thriving technological directions exist side by side.

Starpoint Gemini Timebreach

StarpointGemini Timebreach
The Timebreach expansion for Starpoint Gemini, follows the events immediate after the reopening of the Starpoint. Imperial forces are swarming the Gemini system, but not as fast or fiercely as everybody expected. That gives precious time to surviving groups that are now desperately trying to upgrade their technology or reinforce their units.